V International Scientific-Technical Conference 3 – 5 June 2021


Opening session 05 June 2021 time  12.30 (Warsaw)  


Actual problems of building physics (password:  building)  – Moderators: Prof. doctor of science Valerii Deshko, Prof. doctor of science Lidia Dąbek;

Actual problems of environmental engineering and ecology (password:  ecology) – Moderators: Prof. doctor of science Hanna Koshlak, Prof. doctor of science Vera Ulyasheva

Actual problems of thermal and renewable energy , Actual problems
fundamental heat and mass transfer (password: transfer) – Moderators:Prof. doctor of science Anatoliy Pavlenko, Prof. doctor of science Engvall Klas, Prof. doctor of science Ladislav Lazić, Prof. doctor of science Łukasz Orman 

Theoretical foundations of thermal machines  (password: thermal) – Moderators: Prof. doctor of sciencen Borys Basok, Prof. doctor of science Milan Malcho 

Actual problems of quantitative assessment of the low-carbon energy and industry (password: energy) – Moderators: Prof. doctor of science
Malik Ziganshin, Prof. doctor of science Aleksander Szkarowski

 CONFERENCE PROGRAM 2021                   Book of abstracts 2021

Аnatoliy Pavlenkoprofessor of Kielce University of Technology, Department of Building Physics and Renewable Energy. Scientific direction of work – thermophysics of dispersed media. Scientific interest – mathematical modeling of thermophysical processes occurring in liquids in the metastable state.

Dear Colleagues….,

I cordially greet all participants of our 5th international conference. For five years now our Conference traditionally consolidates all those best scientific ideas, that authors present in their speeches. 

Ladislav Lazić professor of University of  Zagreb, Faculty of Metallurgy, Department of Mechanical Metallurgy, Laboratory of Thermal Technique and Mechanical Engineering. The main areas of scientific activities: 

Dear Colleagues….., 

organizers and participants of the 5th Conference, it is my great pleasure to be a member of the Scientific and organizing committee of the conference for several reasons.


Аleksander Szkarowski – profesor dr hab. inż., Kierownik Katedry Sieci i Instalacji Budowlanych Politechniki Koszalińskiej. Zainteresowania 

Drodzy Koledzy i Przyjaciele…….

Po raz piąty spotykamy się, żeby w towarzyskiej atmosferze a także i ostrych dyskusjach wymieniać zdania na temat wyników badań, pomysłów i wynalazków, które szanowni Autorzy przedstawią w swoich referatach. Nie każda konferencja pochwalić się może wysokim poziomem naukowym w tak obszernym zakresie tematów. Tradycyjnie Uczestnicy przedstawiają ciekawe informacje w obszarach: współczesnej energetyki, energochłonnych gałęzi przemysłu, alternatywnych źródeł energii, oszczędzania zasobów naturalnych oraz modelowania procesów urządzeń przemysłowych.

Valerii Deshko  dr. of tech. sc., professor, Department of Heat Engineering and Energy Saving (National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Ukraine).

Dear colleagues,

it is very good that our conference is taking place again and we hope for new direct meetings.

Presentations сonference participants 2021

Municipal heat energy of Ukraine – adaptation to global warming   – password:  building

Simulation of forced convective heat transfer of a building facade with window recesses – password: transfer

The intensity of solar radiation forecasting based on artificial neural networks   password: transfer

Three-dimensional numerical model of hydrodynamics and heat transfer in the system soil heat exchanger heat carrier – password: energy

Using apps weather forecast for calculation electricity generation by photovoltaic stations    – password: thermal  

Efficiency analysis of the aerothermopressor application for intercooling between compressor stages by using cfd model  – password: thermal 

Energy efficiency analysis of the ventilation and air conditioning heat pump system inside a production premise with recuperation of exhaust air    – password: thermal 

Energy efficiency of heat pump heat supply system with heat utilization of technogenic air emissions     – password: energy

Generation of pressure oscillations in air flows in vertical channels with internal heat release     – password: transfer

 Heat pump and adsorption system of conservation of metal equipment   – password: energy 

Improving the flue gas cleaning process by upgrading the design of the cyclone bunker    – password: thermal 

Numerical modeling of solid and gaseous fuel combustion in the TP-14Aboiler furnace to reduce PCDD/ F and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere   – password: ecology

Power distribution efficiency and reliability raising by using the vacuum reclosers     – password: energy 

Thermodynamic analysis of the combined scheme using soil and air heat pumps for heat supply of a public building    – password: building

Features of residual service life determination for high pressure rotors of K-200-130 and K-1000-60 3000 turbines   – password: thermal     

Forecasting the electricity generation of photovoltaic plants  – password: transfer   

Increasing the efficiency of a hybrid photoelectric system of a local object with a storage battery based on forecast     – password: transfer

Integration of Heat Storage Technologies in Central Heating Systems  – password: energy   

Neural network model for enterprise energy consumption forecasting  – password: energy    

Analysis of constant and intermittent heating modes using BEM and CFD simulation   – password: transfer

School thermomodernization under changes in comfort level  – password:  building

Simulation of biopellet combustion process in low power boilers    – password: ecology   

The use of energy storage to control the electrical load of the power system Ukraine   – password: energy  

Transient energy models of housing facilities operation   – password: transfer

Influence of changing climatic conditions on heat pump efficiency   – password: thermal     

Energy Efficient Technologies at Oil Field Facilities   – password: energy  

Influence of the parameters of the heating and heated air on the humidity mode of operation of the counterflow plate recuperator  – password: thermal    

Natural ventilation in multi-storey residential buildings with warm attics  – password:  building     

Providing the required microclimate parameters in museums – password:  building

State and perspectives of renewable energy development in Ukraine  – password: transfer    

Trends for managing of coal combustion wastes   – password: ecology   

Influence of water-emulsion fuel parameters on its combustion quality    – password: transfer

Main engine of transport ship intlet air cooling by ejector chiller    – password: thermal         

Gas turbine intake air cooling systems of combined type and their optimum designing  – password: thermal        

Enhancing the exhaust heat recovery in integrated energy plant  – password:  building      

Innovative air conditioning system with rational distribution of thermal load   – password:  building 

Thermophysical bases of increase of efficiency of heat consumption of the building at the use of individual heat point      – password:  building  

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